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Charming Vacation at St Petersburg Island

St Petersburg Island at The Heart of Europe in Dubai will be the ideal excursion withdraw and extravagance occasion goal for global travelers and specifically honeymooners.

St Petersburg Island is molded like a heart and was propelled by The Maldives and the absolute most looked for after island resorts on the planet. The island is one of six man-made islands which make up The Heart of Europe, Dubai’s initial stand-out elite island occasion goal.

The enchanting get-away withdraw is found 6km off the shore of Dubai and will be available by means of vessel, seaplane or helicopter when open to visitors.

St Petersburg Island will offer five star neighborliness and resort style civilities which incorporate a pool bar and eatery, an unendingness pool, finished greenery enclosures, knead cabanas and tidal ponds. Besides, remaining at St Petersburg will have admittance to a 24 hour head servant benefit and the most abnormal amounts of administration all through their remain.

St Petersburg Island Resort will be surrounded by Floating Seahorses. The Floating Seahorse is the world’s first underwater villa with a totally submerged underwater level, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both impressive bedrooms will boast breathtaking views of the surrounding marine life, coral reef and Arabian Gulf.

St Petersburg Island will be an idyllic retreat where newlyweds, couples, groups and families with children can enjoy a luxury vacation in a tranquil setting which offers the ultimate in privacy, relaxation and hospitality. Just a short distance from the Dubai mainland, St Petersburg Island is the perfect island getaway for those looking for a luxury five star resort experience.

Dubai is home to many superb hotels and resorts but St Petersburg will be the first exclusive island resort dedicated to tourism. Perfect for diving enthusiasts, The Heart of Europe will be home to over 100,000 natural corals and a plethora of varied marine life.

St Petersburg Island will be connected to Main Europe Island at The Heart of Europe meaning that guests can enjoy a great choice of facilities right on their doorstep. With 51 countries represented across a wide range of cafes and restaurants and a variety of different nightlife to suit all ages, The Heart of Europe is the perfect vacation destination.

If guests to St Petersburg wish to spend a few nights on a Floating Seahorse followed by a few nights in a luxury beachfront villa, there is the option to do so. What’s more, The Heart of Europe will be home to 14 hotels and resorts to suit different ages, tastes and individual requirements, meaning guests are spoilt for choice when choosing where to stay and how to spend their holiday.