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Things You Didn’t Know About Latvia

New travel problem areas to investigate are something that most explorers pay special mind to. One goal that individuals ought to go to is the Latvian urban areas like Riga, Daugavipils, Liepaja and so on. The Republic of Latvia is situated in the Baltic area of Northern Europe. This is a delightful place to go to.

1. Environment-accommodating nation

Half of the place that is known for this nation is secured by woods. A standout amongst the most vital reality that one must think about Latvia travel is that it is a standout amongst the most eco-accommodating spots and for the most part sacks either the first or the second place in Environmental Performance Index.

2. Speediest web speed

In today’s well informed world one can’t get by without the web. All things considered, a standout amongst the most fascinating actualities one must think about Latvia travel is that Latvia is unified with the speediest web speed. It positions fifth on the planet for quick web speed.

3. Place where songs and dance galore:

This country has a huge number of traditional folk songs in the world. The number is almost 300,000. Latvia has the largest songs and dance festival in the world. This festival has more than 40,000 participants. This festival is held once in every 5 years and is known as the Latvian Song and dance festival.

4. The ice hockey specialists

The most popular sport of Latvia is ice hockey. There are only three countries in the world where this sport is popular. They are Canada, Finland and Latvia.

5. Strong follower of Baltic pagan traditions

If one wants to have a look at the Baltic traditions then this is the place that one must visit. Latvians celebrate with lots of enthusiasm Summer Solstice. This celebration has lots beer, bonfire, song and dance.

6. The fashion hub:

Latvia has a large number of fashion models. One can call it a fashion hub as this place has the highest rate of fashion models.

7. Home of some great people

Some great people were born in Latvia. Nobel prize winner Vilhelms Ostvalds who gave the Ostwald process as a result of which we got plenty of potatoes was born here. One of the people who invented 3D Holography is scientist Juris Upatnieks belongs to this place. The Skeleton world champion Martin Dukurs is from Latvia.

8. Oldest flag

The flag of this country is one of the oldest in the world. It dates back to the 13th century. When the Latvian chief got wounded in a battle he was wrapped in a white sheet which got stained with blood on the sides. The stained sheet was used as a battle flag.

9. The capital has superb architecture

Riga the capital of the country is known for the lovely architecture. Most of this is way back of 1800’s. Due to the architecture, UNESCO has designated it as World Heritage Site.

10. The birthplace of jeans

The hard work of Latvian tailor Jakobs Jufess and financial support from Levi Strauss lead to the birth of the modern jeans.

These fun facts about this place surely give a clear picture that this is truly a lovely country. One must visit this place to experience the true beauty and rich culture of this country.