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Vacation Trip to Buenos Aires

Making arrangements for an incredible excursion outing to Argentina’s lively capital-Buenos Aires? Have you purchased the plane ticket and prepared with a Spanish word reference close by? This is insufficient to investigate the alive, fiery, provocative and sentimental city of Buenos Aires. You have to take after an educational guide that will help in getting a charge out of an important get-away outing. If you don’t mind read on this article to discover a fascinating aide!

#1- What to Pack for your Trip?

  • Toiletries such as makeup, deodorant, shampoo and soap
  • Chargers and accessories for camera, phone or any electronic gadget
  • Comfortable shoes and backpack for travelling
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Medication with original prescriptions

#2- Is drinking water in Buenos Aires safe?
Health standards in Buenos Aires are very high, which makes it perfectly safe environment. Consumption of water from the tap is perfectly safe. In case your body cannot adjust to the new taste then opt for bottled mineral water (available in super markets and retail shops in Buenos Aires).

#3- What to tip wait staff/ taxi Drivers in Buenos Aires?
It is up to your experience as well as considered nice to tip wait staff between 10-15% of your consumption. For paying tip to taxi drivers, you should always round up to the nearest whole. Remember in Buenos Aries taxis are metered.

#4- What about the Laundry?
Whenever you want to do laundry simply put the clothes in a plastic bag, take it to a nearest “lavanderia” during your Buenos Aries stay. Here in Buenos Aries, you will not find any self-service Laundromats. At the “lavanderia”, you just need to drop off your clothes in morning and come back during the evening to collect washed, dried and folded clothes. The laundry service in BA is quite cheap hat ranges from 35-60 ARS for one load.

#5-Do not forget to Consider Guided Tours:
Visiting Buenos Aries is never considered to be complete without exploring the vibrant capital with guided tours like witnessing tango show and city tours in Buenos Aries. With guided and well planned tours, you will get an opportunity to explore an artsy and sophisticated BA in a convenient and comfortable way.