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Why Visit Seville?

Seville is an Andalusia city for greatness and its capital city of the independent group. It is turned out to be a standout amongst the most went to urban communities inside Spain, so it is a perceived place as a standout amongst the most vital at national level. Seville is a perfecto place to visit in any period of the year because of its climate and a few things to do and find in this city. Its history is an essential normal for this town, so there are a few spots to see and went by identify with some past periods.

Seville Cathedral is from the XV century and it is the greatest one inside the national domain of Spain. It was worked over an old mosque which was there before; therefore, some portion of “Giralda” is the minaret where it was the call to petition in Almohade period. Inside the Cathedral we can discover a few workmanship treasures which were made by essential specialists, for example, Murillo and Zurbaran. Other than you can see the Cristobal Colon grave.

Gold Towel is found near the waterway and is an image of the city. Its name is from brilliant shine of Guadalquivir waterway. It was worked as a feature of the cautious arrangement of the city, after it was utilized as jail and as house of prayer. These days, it is a Maritime Museum of Seville.

Guadalquivir River was baptized by Phoenicians as Betis River. In the history, this river was crossed by Romans and Muslims due to it is the unique river which can be navigated due to its depth. Nowadays, you can see some tourist ships, people sunbathe, or walking to enjoy wonderful views and peace.

The most popular area of Seville is Triana district. At the other side of the river, you need to cross the Triana bridge to visit the Seville area. Betis street is very know in the city, so you should visit, if you come here.

Typical andalusian city, with horses rides, symbolic buildings and good people. You have to visit Seville before die and now it can be a good chance. As capital city of Andalusia has many net of communication to arrive there, too many tourists arrive each week. If you want to visit it, you could hire a car; and discover each place of this wonderful and brilliant city. Besides you do not have to depend of schedules of public transport.

Maria Luisa park is another jewel of Seville. It is the most famous park of the city, gardens are perfectly taken care in order to people can enjoy their walks.